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Private Bar

The José Arechabala S.A. Private Bar was located in the Palacio de los Condes de Bayona, just opposite the Havana Cathedral. Since its opening in 1935, it became the hot spot for tourists and locals alike, where they could all enjoy the Arechabala products and the great cocktails that our bartenders would prepare for them .

Ron Arechabala 140 Aniversario

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The Ron Arechabala 140 Aniversario is the tribute that the Arechabala Family has wanted to pay to its patriarch, Don José Arechabala Aldama.


It is an exquisite rum, aged 18 years, with an elegant bright amber color. It has a perfectly balanced aroma with notes of pineapple, cocoa and vanilla that bring back memories of the Cárdenas coast and the beaches of Varadero.

On the palate it is very round, with warm sensations and touches of wood, caramel and almond, fruit of its aging in barrels of white American oak that had previously contained bourbon.


The sweet and smooth finish, which lasts, makes it perfect to consume slowly, neat or on the rocks.

Numbered edition of the Ron Arechabala 140 Aniversario

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The Arechabala family launched the Ron 140 Aniversario with a one-off and numbered edition, limited to only 900 bottles, mostly destined for the direct descendants of José  Arechabala Aldama, founder of the company and patriarch that established the cuban rum as the global rum reference.

The family itself wanted to share the pride of belonging to this saga and set aside a few bottles for fans and collectors with  interest. These bottles, numbered and in a luxury case, can be purchased only in this website at a price of € 400 (including VAT and the cost of shipping to Spain), only while supplies last.


This exquisite 18-year-old rum is truly the first distillate that the Arechabala family has been able to launch since the plunder of the Cuban revolution.

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